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Real value and convenience by providing both Upper and Lower Radiator Hoses, as well as hose clamps in a single kit.

Failure rates on radiator hoses increase dramatically after four years in operation. This is relevant to all coolant hose, but especially the top and bottom radiator hoses.

The primary cause of radiator hose failure is an electrochemical attack on the rubber compound of the hose (called electrochemical degradation, or ECD). This attacks the hose from the inside out, and as such it is not easily visible to the eye until it is too late.

Too often, when it is time to replace a hose (usually because it has already failed), only the affected hose is replaced, and this significantly increases the risk of failure on the other hose which remains in place. This is risky practice, and can certainly lead to problems, and unsatisfied vehicle owners.
Gates Radiator Hose Packs provide vehicle application specific, upper and lower radiator hoses and clamps for a perfect fit every time.

Can be used for coolant, water and air applications. Approved for marine applications.
Not suitable for fuel or oil transfer applications.

Name Description
Type Radiator Hose Kit