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Mackay Heater Hose - CH3443

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  • Mackay Crankcase Ventilation Hose (PCV) is made from Durable Nitrile Rubber
  • For use only with low pressure Emissions Control, Fuel Vapour. Not suitable for coolant, fuel, oil, coolant, or brake fluid applications.
  • Working Temperature Range -34°C to 125°C (-29°F to 257°F)

Mackay Heater Hoses - The ideal replacement for your cooling system

When it comes time to overhaul your cooling system, replacing your heater hoses is essential. Mackay replacement heater hoses are designed with long service life in mind. Suitable for plain water or automotive coolant, Mackay coolant hoses are resistant to heat which makes them great for withstanding harsh under bonnet temperatures and coolant temperatures without becoming fatigued, cracked or split. Mackay heater hoses are also ozone resistant. 'Ozone cracking' is a type of damage that occurs to vulnerable rubbers over time, resulting in hairline cracks and splits which eventually grow to create a leak, however with ozone-resistant rubbers this is simply not an issue. Mackay coolant hoses are also resistant to electrochemical degradation, a type of fatiguing and weathering that is caused by the break-down of hoses as a result of electrical reactions between your coolant and the metal parts of the engine. Mackay heater hoses exceed Heater Hose Specification SAE J20R3 Type EC Class D-1 and D-2.

If you're not sure whether your heater hoses need replacing, a simple visual inspection can offer great indication of hose health. Any evidence of micro-cracking, splits or other damage will indicate that replacement hoses should be fitted ASAP to avoid coolant leaks or even engine failure as a result of low coolant levels and overheating. When replacing your heater hoses, it's a great idea to check other cooling system components to ensure everything is up to scratch. Hose clamps should be replaced with fresh units to ensure a proper seal against water necks and heater ports, a new heater cap should also be fitted to ensure no leaks and correct cooling system pressure and it's also great practice to fit a new thermostat for extra peace of mind. Before topping up your engine with fresh coolant after your overhaul, we recommend running a cooling system flush to eliminate any build-up inside the heater and coolant galleries in your engine to maximise the effect of your new parts.

Servicing automotive, defence, industrial and rail applications, Mackay have been a cornerstone of Australian Automotive Manufacturing for over 85 years with their supply of vital replacement parts and service items to keep cars on the road in Australia. With a comprehensive portfolio of OEM's to which they supply, including GM Holden, Ford, Chrysler, Nissan, Toyota and Mitsubishi, Mackay knows what goes into quality, reliable automotive hard parts. Mackay Automotive products are exported to markets worldwide from their state of the art manufacturing facilities in both Melbourne and overseas to comply with ever evolving OEM specifications and various certifications to ensure the best final product.

Mackay Automotive have a comprehensive catalogue of replacement automotive parts including:

  • heater hoses
  • Heater hoses
  • Suspension arms and bushes
  • Hose clamps
  • Engine mounts
  • Pedal pads

To shop our whole parts and service range to give your car the TLC is deserves, browse the website using the REGO search function or head into your local Repco store and speak with one of our friendly staff today.

Heater Hose

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