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Hoses - Radiator & Heater

Showing 3441 - 3460 of 3513 products
Mackay Radiator Hose Upper - CH3272
Mackay Heater Hose - CH3935
Mackay Radiator Hose Lower - CH1113
Mackay Heater Hose - CH3966
Mackay Radiator Hose Upper - CH3592
Mackay Radiator Hose Upper - CH1825
Mackay Heater Hose - CH5621
Mackay Radiator Hose Lower - CH4410
Mackay Heater Hose - CH2666
Mackay Heater Hose - HH019X15
Mackay Radiator Hose Upper - CH2824
Gates Radiator Hose Lower - 22995
Mackay Radiator Hose Upper - CH2381
Gates Radiator Hose Lower - 05-1635
Mackay Radiator Hose Upper - CH2398
Gates Radiator Hose Upper - 05-1166
Gates Emergency Radiator Hose & Belt Kit - GE4WDKIT-27
Mackay Radiator Hose Lower - CH1248
Mackay radiator Hose Lower - CH1185
Mackay Bypass Hose - WA12206
Showing 3441 - 3460 of 3513 products

Don't lose your cool with the great range of heater hose, radiator hose and coolant hose options at Repco

Get the right radiator and coolant hose suited to your vehicle

Whether stuck in traffic or miles from anywhere not much incites more dread than watching the temperature gauge climb due to a malfunctioning cooling system. From there it is only a matter of time before a coolant hose bursts and leaves you stranded. Save yourself the headache and the costly bills by replacing heater and radiator hoses when showing signs of age with the great range from Repco. Stocking the best brands from Gates, Mackay, Dayco and Goss mean we have the tried and tested hose range to suit your vehicle.

Signs your coolant hoses need replacing

Whilst your upper radiator hose and lower radiator hose are the most prominent in your engine bay any coolant hose may need replacement over time. Your radiator and hoses play an important role in managing coolant flow. All coolant hoses play an important part in your cooling system and over time can become perished, worn out and brittle. It is important to do regular checks of your engine bay to ensure you prevent these issues, however, this can be difficult at times due to it their being location in your engine bay.

If you notice any of the below symptoms, it is important to get a replacement coolant hose to ensure no further damage is caused to other components within your engine.

  • Engine overheating - this is an indication that something within your cooling system isn't working properly and needs attention. Having a worn-out radiator hose that is causing coolant leaks can lead to overheating. if you notice your car is overheating, it is worthwhile inspecting your engine and seeing if you can locate the cause of the overheating.
  • Low coolant levels - you will notice via the coolant light on your car or alternatively via looking at the coolant reservoir. This can be caused by a variety of reasons, however, it is usually caused by a leak within the system, such as your radiator hoses. If you notice low levels of coolant, it is important to work out which hose it is coming from and replace it, it might be worthwhile to replace both radiator hoses simultaneously.
  • Coolant fluid leaks - this goes hand in hand with low coolant levels if you see a puddle of coolant where you parked or smell coolant as you are driving. This is an indication that there is coolant leaking from your system, it may be small to begin with, but holes can grow rapidly. If you notice this examine your cooling system and find a replacement hose for your vehicle if that is the root of the cause.
  • Spongy and swollen radiator hoses - cars should be checked and serviced regularly to ensure your vehicles are running at their full capacity. During your regular checks, if your notice your radiator hoses being spongy or swollen, it is an indication they could bust when you are driving your vehicle. This is due to the hoses being brittle and old, therefore, if you notice this, it is best to replace your hoses as soon as possible.

Besides all the above symptoms, the most common cause of a failed radiator hose is from electrochemical degradation (ECD), which is caused by a chemical reaction that makes the coolant within the hose attack the hose which therefore weekends the hose which is why you can get holes and cracks within your radiator hoses.

Repco stock the best in cooling system parts

When it comes time to replace your radiator hose, quality and reliability are crucial to ensure your cooling system is at its peak. After 100 years in the industry, we stock only the brands that offer the long-lasting reliability you come to expect. Our radiator hose range is manufactured to meet and exceed OEM specifications and guidelines.

  • Engineered to resist electrochemical degradation.
  • Manufactured from high quality rubber to help with longevity.
  • Resistance to ozone, heat and chemicals.

Vehicle Shop In-store With Repco To Find The Right Radiator Hose and Clamps Today

Here at Repco, we offer a large range of radiator hoses to ensure you can get exactly what you need under the one roof. Whether you need a radiator hose for your race car, your daily drive or your project car, we can cater to your needs. We also have an impressive range of cooling parts and accessories from drive belts, hose clamps, radiator caps and water pumps. Make Repco your first choice for competitively prices, quality and reliable cooling system parts.

Check out online faster, using our click and collect and click and delivery services across Australia and New Zealand. If you are not sure where to begin, get in contact with your local stores prior to compare products, find out prices.

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