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Repco Radiator Cap 20 psi - 140 kpa - RRC98-135

SKU: A5424694

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  • OEM quality, fit and performance
  • Moulded rubber sealing elements
  • Specifically developed shaping allows for superior sealing characteristics
  • Flawless functioning under large amounts of negative and positive pressure

Repco Radiator Caps are designed and manufacturered to the highest quality and meet stringent standards in manufacturing.

Radiator caps are designed to seal your cooling system, allowing it to pressurize and raise the boiling point of the coolant, which allows your coolant to absorb more heat from the hot engine.

If your vehicles radiator cap fails, it could lead to catastrophic engine damage.

Signs of Radiator Cap failure:
- Overheating
- Leaking coolant
- Overflowing coolant reservoir
- Radiator hose collapses
- Air inside the cooling system

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