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The FloKool Radiator range has been developed specifically for the Australian market, ensuring that each Radiator is able to handle the harsh Australian conditions.

In line with OEM requirements, our suppliers manufacture radiators in world class facilities that comply with ISO/TS16949 quality accreditation. They incorporate the latest radiator quality, performance and endurance testing available. Our radiators are validated by way of state of the art thermal cycle testing equipment, vibration and salt-spray tolerance, and leak testing.
Our radiator manufacturers supply products to OEM and OES customers and this OEM pedigree ensures that our radiators meet the highest quality, performance and fitment standards.

Radiator failure can lead to catastrophic engine damage and failure if it isn't operating correctly, leaving you stranded on the side of the road.

Common causes of Radiator failure include:
- Corrosion
- Thermal Shock
- Electrolysis
- Contamination
- Blockage

When replacing your vehicles radiator, ensure that you are also replacing the radiator hoses, hose clamps, coolant and any other worn parts to prevent future failures.

Radiators can easily become contaminated if the cooling system (including heater circuit)heater circuit is not flushed. Ensure that you are flushing the entire cooling and heating system before fitting a new radiator to prevent damage.

Name Description
Tank Material Brass
Core Material Copper
Core Width 530mm
Core Height 450mm
Core Thickness 65mm
Header Top Plate 535 x 77mm
Header Bottom Plate 535 x 76mm
Inlet Pipe Diameter 39mm
Core Rows 4