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The thermostat is a temperature control valve assembly used in the vehicle cooling system. Located in a housing usually at the front of the vehicle engine, the thermostat allows circulation of coolant through the radiator once the predetermined engine temperature is achieved.Tridon thermostats are available in various styles including conventional, by-pass, thermostat housing assemblies, High Flow and inserts used in conjunction with original housing. Thermostats bearing the High Flow logo are are designed to improve cooling system performance. The High Flow thermostat has a larger valve allowing more coolant flow, eliminating the need to use a cooler temperature thermostat.Tridon High Flow Thermostats are designed to upgrade the vehicles standard thermostat.The thermostat must be compatible with the vehicle cooling system, always refer to the vehicle application list to ensure correct part number selection.

Temp Rating
85 Degree C - 185 Degree F

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