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Transmission & Oil Coolers

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PWR Transmission Oil Cooler - PWO5386
PWR Transmission Oil Cooler Kit - PWO6680
PWR Automatic Transmission Cooler Kit - PWO5388
PWR Transmission Oil Cooler - PWO5389
PWR Transmission Oil Cooler Kit - PWO6687
PWR Transmission Oil Cooler - PWO5387
Gates Transmission Oil Hose 9.5mm / per metre - 27061
Drivetech Automatic Transmission Cooler 2000-4000cc - 0555-334373
Gates Transmission Oil Hose 8mm / per metre - 27058
Goss Transmission Cooler Hose 10mm X 15m - TCH100L150
Gates Transmission Oil Hose 7.9mm / per metre - 27060
Drivetech 4x4 Automatic Transmission Auxillary Oil Cooler - DTC-400
Dorman Engine Oil Cooler Filter Housing - 918-432
Drivetech Nut & Pipe Ford BTR 4sp Trans Cooler - 0555-332798
Hayden Automatic Transmission Cooler Kit Mounting Kit - HK210
Goss Transmission Cooler Hose 10mm Per Mtr - TCH100L300
Gates Transmission Oil Hose 9.5mm / per metre - 27059
Drivetech Radiator Fitting Trans Cooler - 0555-331823
Gates Oil Cooler Hose To Engine - 02-0422
Showing 1 - 20 of 59 products

Automatic Transmission & Engine Oil Coolers

Shop Automatic Transmission & Engine Oil Coolers

When it comes to your car, we understand the importance of a good quality engine oil cooler or automatic transmission oil cooler to keep your car running smoother for longer. With a wide variety to choose from, our coolers range has something suitable for you.

Here at Repco, we are proud to offer the best automatic transmission oil coolers and engine oil coolers that the industry has to offer. With competitive pricing, reputable brands and unbeatable performance, we are certain you'll find exactly what you need. Some of those brands are PWR, Behr Hella & Vaico

What do Automatic Transmission & Engine Oil Coolers Do?

The two types of coolers perform the same function for different components of the car. The main purpose of both is to cool hot fluid so it can perform as specified and lubricate, protect and cool components in the transmission and engine.

An oil cooler is designed to disperse heat from the hot fluid flowing through it. The incoming air, which is at a lower temperature than the fluid in the cooler, helps the fluid cool down before going back into the transmission or engine. The air flow is one of the biggest factors in allowing your transmission or oil cooler to do its job, which is why most people use an easy installation site at the front of the vehicle near the radiator. If you aren't able to install the oil cooler in the front of your vehicle, it is recommended to use the cooler with a fan.

Why do I need a Transmission Oil Cooler?

Automatic transmissions have largely taken over from manual gearboxes and are the dominant method of converting engine power to drive at the rear wheels. The oil or transmission fluid inside the unit is vital in keeping it operational and if it gets to hot, can cause problems. Any rotating mass causes friction which generates heat. If put under load when towing this causes more heat. If too hot the fluid can lose its qualities and begin to break down or even get burnt. This can lead to transmission damage or in really bad cases, transmission failure.

Engine oil is very similar to transmission fluid. It is vital to keep the engine going and heat and load can cause similar issues. It has the added problem that the combustion process generates a lot of the heat which is why all petrol and diesel engines run some type of additional cooling system.

Most vehicles with an automatic transmission have some form of transmission cooler. If you regularly tow or carry heavy loads or spend time driving in mountainous terrain may determine the need to increase the size of the stock cooler. This will ensure reliability and durability of the transmission. Both larger and smaller engines will benefit from transmission coolers.

High performance vehicles can really use engine oil and automatic transmission fluid coolers. They are normally driven harder (on the track or drag strip) and this generates more heat so having the coolers keeps the fluid protected from temperature increases.

Our Range of Engine Oil & Automatic Transmission fluid Coolers

At Repco, you can purchase all the accessories needed to fit your transmission or engine oil cooler including hoses, nuts and bolts and cable ties. Or you can purchase the automatic transmission or engine oil cooler kit which comes with everything you need for an easy installation. At Repco, we not only strive to offer the clients high-quality products but exceptional customer service. With over 400 stores across Australia, we guarantee our team is only a short trip away. Whether it be in store or over the phone, we are here to offer the support you need. Alternatively, visit our website today to discover our click and collect or home delivery service.

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