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Showing 10001 - 10020 of 11112 products
ClutchPro Clutch Kit - KNI20004
Xtreme Clutch Kit Heavy Duty - KSZ18003-1A
ClutchPro Clutch Kit - KTY18002
Xtreme Clutch Kit Heavy Duty - KFD28020-1A
Xtreme Clutch Kit Heavy Duty - KFD22009-1A
Xtreme Clutch Kit Performance - KFD23012-1C
Xtreme Clutch Kit Extra Heavy Duty - KFD26001-1AX
ClutchPro Clutch Kit - KSX43006
Xtreme Clutch Kit Motorsport - KSU23016-1R
Xtreme Clutch Kit Heavy Duty - KBM23011-1A
Drivetech 4x4 Heavy Duty Clutch Kit - DT-CKMI24002-1A
ClutchPro Clutch Release Bearing Sleeve/Slide - ATSVW01
Xtreme Clutch Kit Performance - KMG20001-1C
Showing 10001 - 10020 of 11112 products

Put that power to the ground with a quality clutch kit from Repco

Trust your next clutch replacement to Repco, the leading stockist of durable and reliable clutch assemblies

When it comes time for clutch replacement, turn to Repco for all your clutch needs. Whether it be a clutch kit, flywheel, pressure plate, clutch release bearing or clutch fork, we have an extensive range to suit a huge variety of applications. Sourcing only the finest clutch kits and clutch assembly components from Clutch Industries, ClutchPro, Mantic and Exedy gives you the confidence knowing this vital link in the driveline will be both responsive and reliable when you get behind the wheel.

How does a clutch work?

Within manual transmissions you have a number of key components such as the flywheel, friction disc, pressure plate and thrust bearing. These all work in unison to provide drive from your engine to the transmission input shaft and ultimately to the wheels. Your clutch connects both your engine and gearbox and gear changes happen when you disengage the clutch to enable you to change gears.

Signs of a worn clutch

The factory clutch on a manual transmission car will be subjected to heavy loads whilst in operation and a worn clutch may be caused by towing, excessive clutch use or sporty or performance driving. Over time the friction material on your clutch disc becomes worn and unresponsive to the drive load that is placed through it. The easiest way to spot clutch failure is for your revs to climb at different speeds with your forward momentum, such as when your vehicle is climbing a hill. This slipping will get progressively worse until the friction material on your clutch plates are completely worn away. Don't wait until the clutch wear is too great or clutch problems arise when you can shop at Repco for the best range of clutches and clutch components.

Repco stock standard, heavy duty and performance clutch kits suited to both your vehicle and driving style

Stocking thousands of clutch kits from standard OEM replacement through to single, multi-plate race and off road heavy duty clutch kits allow us to ensure you receive the right combination for your preferred application or vehicle. No matter if you have a daily driver, a work ute or van, a 4WD trail hero or high-performance big power race car you can trust Repco to provide the clutch kit that will suit not just your vehicle but your driving style. Vast combinations of pressure plates and clutch plates as well as friction materials on the clutch plate allow for multiple variances in performance so making the right choice is vital to get the most from your vehicle.

From clutch pedal pad to clutch plate, Repco stock every component for your clutch assembly

When it comes time to choosing what our clutch kits offer browse through our range and get up to speed referencing some of the variances and features here. Once you have chosen your clutch kit or components be sure to update or upgrade your Clutch Master Cylinder and Clutch Slave Cylinder if required. Having all components working to their optimal performance will ensure whether towing your camper trailer up a steep mountain pass or setting new fastest laps at the track your clutch will perform. When it comes to replacement clutches and quality clutch components it starts with the parts at Repco.

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