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Product Description

ClutchPro clutch cables are developed as direct fit replacements for the factory clutch cable and come with all of the necessary hardware for installation. Clutch cables often wear over time resulting in stretched or even snapped cables in high mileage vehicles or where they have been incorrectly adjusted. ClutchPro recommends inspecting the clutch cable for wear and, if required, replacing this component when installing a new clutch to ensure optimal release characteristics and long-term durability.Specialising in standard replacement style components, ClutchPro offer complete clutch kits, components, hydraulics and accessories. As a division of Australian Clutch Services, ClutchPro kits are developed on experience gained through over 30 years in the Australian clutch market. Each kit is developed to incorporate the necessary hardware for a successful and efficient installation. ClutchPro kits and components are tested in-house in the ACS Research & Development facility. This facility allows experienced technicians to measure a variety of performance and durability characteristics including clamping force, bearing load and fluctuations in clamping force over the lifecycle of the product.

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