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ClutchPro Conversion Clutch Kit Includes SMF (Single Mass Flywheel) - KGM23543

SKU: A5553705

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  • Single-mass flywheel conversion kit
  • Optimised for durability & performance
  • Kit includes replacement pressure plate, friction disc and single-mass flywheel

ClutchPro single-mass flywheel conversion kit

ClutchPro single-mass flywheel conversion kits have been designed and engineered to provide long-term durability and performance. A single-mass flywheel conversion is ideal for those looking for a cost effective replacement for their factory style dual-mass flywheel and clutch assembly. Unlike a dual-mass flywheel which cannot be resurfaced, a single-mass flywheel can be resurfaced multiple times, resulting in a long-term solution for the vehicle. These conversions are also common in vehicles with increased power and torque. Please note that depending on the application, there can be increased noise and vibration through the cabin when converting any dual-mass flywheel to a single-mass alternative. This does not affect the performance of the vehicle. ClutchPro designs and engineers their single-mass flywheel conversions to minimise the increased noise, vibration and harshness that is often experienced when converting to a single-mass flywheel.

This ClutchPro clutch kit includes a pressure plate, organic woven fibre friction disc for optimised street driveability, replacement release bearing (as required), single-mass flywheel and all of the necessary hardware required for installation. ClutchPro also include a replacement spigot bearing/bush and alignment tool in selected ClutchPro Plus kits.

With a reputation in the Australian automotive sector, ClutchPro are renown for supplying the highest quality OE-style clutch kit solutions, clutch components and accessories. With components sourced from globally respected OEM suppliers, the ClutchPro range ensures quality, fit and performance just like the original part fitted to your car. The ClutchPro range covers everything from complete clutch kits and flywheel assemblies and everything else you need including slave cylinder, master cylinder, spigot bearing, spigot bush, clutch alignment tool, clutch fork, spline grease, pivot ball and even all the necessary bolts and fasteners. All ClutchPro products are subjected to routine testing, refinement and improvement. They are also built to comply with relevant industry ISO standards and are covered by comprehensive warranties to ensure peace of mind when installing a ClutchPro Clutch Kit.

As one of the most important driveline components of all manually shifted cars, trucks, vans, buses and more, your ClutchProvides a mechanical connection between the engine and gearbox which can easily be engaged or disengaged to stop engine power being transmitted to the driveline without turning off the engine. Your clutch system relies on the correct operation of many components including spigot bushes / bearings, throw out bearings, clutch forks, clutch lines, clutch cables and more, however in the most simple terms the clutch comprises of the pressure plate and clutch plate, different kits are supplied with varying types of clutch plates and pressure plates with all types of spring loading, friction material types and sizes which affect how the car drives, transmits power and ultimately how it feels for the driver. Without your clutch functioning correctly, your driving experience will suffer and you may notice performance losses or even breakdowns if the issue is left for too long. To shop our whole range of replacement driveline parts for your car, browse the website using the REGO search tool or head into your local Repco store and speak with one of our friendly staff today.

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