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Mantic Stage 4 Performance Clutch Kit - MS4-1229-BX

SKU: A9726721

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  • Designed for high-torque motorsport applications
  • Spheroidal graphite casting material
  • Transmitts more torque than standard clutch
  • Higher clamp loads than standard clutch
  • Sprung, non cushioned full cerametallic clutch disc
  • Quick engagement
  • Very high torque capacity
  • Puck style clutch design
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Mantic Stage 4 Clutch Kit - Quick engagement, high torque capacity motorsport clutch

The Mantic 'Stage' clutch kit series ranges from mild clutches with moderate torque capacity gains all the way up to the Mantic Stage 5 performance clutch kit. A Mantic Stage Clutch is a direct replacement clutch kit for the stock clutch and bolts up in place of the original, albeit with a whole world of extra benefits including pedal feel, torque capacity and heat resistance.

If you're not sure which Mantic Stage Clutch you need to best suit needs follow this simple guide below or head over to our guide on selecting your clutch.

  • Mantic Stage 1 - Street performance applications - This clutch kit features organic facing material on both sides of the clutch which makes it perfect for daily driving by retaining great drivability, doing away with needlessly aggressive clutch engagement associated with more serious clutch kits. This clutch offers much greater torque capacity and heat resistance than the OEM clutch, yet it still great for daily driving and street use.
  • Mantic Stage 2 - Street performance applications - The Mantic Stage 2 clutch kit is largely the same as the Stage 1 kit however it utilises a dual-friction organic and cerametallic clutch plate. This offers a higher level of torque capacity, yet still retains amazing drivability for regular road use or daily driving.
  • Mantic Stage 3 - Street performance and track day applications - The Mantic Stage 3 clutch kit is tailored to those who take part in occasional motorsport activities but don't want to sacrifice too much on street driving or even daily driving capabilities. The Stage 3 kit utilises a burst-proof pressure plate and a cerametallic clutch disc with a sprung centre for great increases in torque capacity and maximum street performance with great driveability.
  • Mantic Stage 4 - Motorsport applications - Stage 4 is where Mantic Clutch Kits really start to take off. This clutch kit handles more torque than stage 1, 2 or 3 kits at the sacrifice of some driveability. This clutch kit uses a high torque cover, burst-proof pressure plate and sprung, non-cushioned full cerametallic 'puck' type clutch disc. While driveability maybe be sacrificed, the Mantic Stage 4 Clutch Kit offers impressively quick engagement and very high torque capacity.
  • Mantic Stage 5 - Motorsport applications - You might want to sit down for this one. Mantic Stage 5 Clutch kits are recommended purely for motorsport applications and not for the faint of heart. As the most aggressive single-disc option in the entire Mantic range, this clutch kit offers huge torque capacity, an SG iron burst-proof pressure plate and a rigid, un-sprung, undampened cerametallic 'puck' type clutch disc.

If you ask a lot of your vehicle with regular motorsport use, high-horsepower street driving or any other scenario where you push your car to its absolute limits, a quality performance clutch is an essential piece of the puzzle to ensure reliability, power delivery and the best possible driving experience. Mantic Clutch is the performance division of Clutch Industries which has been producing clutch kits and components for over 60 years. Whether you drive a warmed-over hot hatch requiring a mild performance clutch or a high-revving, high horsepower drift car which demands an aggressive triple plate clutch, Mantic offer a solution to suit your needs. To shop our whole range of driveline parts to suit your car, browse the website using the REGO search function or head into your local Repco store and speak with one of our friendly staff today.

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