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Mantic Track Twin Ceramic Cushioned Disc Clutch Kit Inc Flywheel - M922202

SKU: A5380608

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  • Mantic Street Twin - Cushioned Cerametallic
  • 9" Lightened Aluminium Cover Assembly
  • Twin Cerametallic Clutch Plates
  • High Performance Engineered Friction Material
  • Includes Flywheel

This clutch kit is designed to replace the Original Equipment (OE) unit including the OE flywheel. This kit includes a solid mass flywheel (SMF). If your vehicle was fitted with a dual mass flywheel (DMF) as original equipment (OE), changing from a dual mass flywheel (DMF) to a solid flywheel (SMF) increases the reliability of your clutch system and allows the flywheel to be machined for longer life. However you might experience slightly more noise or vibration compared to a DMF clutch system. Designed and manufactured to replace the clutch system installed as Original Equipment, a Mantic Track replacement clutch kit offers a extremely high torque capacity increase. Each component has been thoroughly tested and developed for a specific application. This range provides a Quality Assured replacement part that will meet or exceed the requirements of the original unit. After 70 years of experience in developing and manufacturing clutch kits for OEM and Aftermarket use, CI is the trusted source for a complete range of Clutch Kits suited to your vehicle. WHY CHOOSE A MANTIC TRACK MULTIPLATE CLUTCH KIT: Performance Clutch Systems typically involve an increase in clamp load and/or use of aggressive friction material to achieve higher torque capacity. However there is a practical limit - Increasing clamp load by more than 20% can put the vehicles hydraulic system under stress, significantly reducing clutch system life and resulting in very high clutch pedal actuation effort. And the use of aggressive friction material will noticeably reduce driveability. Enter the benefits of a Mantic multi-plate clutch system. A 9 Twin Plate Mantic Track system has the same effective surface area as an 18 single plate clutch, and a 9 Triple Plate Mantic Track system equates to 27. So increasing clamp load is no longer a priority as the significantly larger surface area creates a massive torque capacity increase. LIGHTENED ALUMINIMUM MANTIC TRACK COVER ASSEMBLY: Mantic Track cover assemblies are extremely light which reduce the moment of inertia (MOI) acting on crank rotation mass, allowing your vehicle to develop faster acceleration through easier revving. CERAMETALLIC FRICTION MATERIAL CLUTCH PLATES: The Torque Capacity of a Clutch Plate can be increased by using exotic cerametallic friction material featuring a higher coefficient of friction. However, cerametallic material reduces pedal feel and results in more sudden clutch engagement, reducing street driveability. This Mantic Track Clutch System features High Performance engineered and manufactured cerametallic friction material on both sides of the clutch plates. This results in a strong torque capacity increase compared with Organic alternatives - but reduced street driveability. The plates in this kit include cushioned segments and a sprung hub to maintain a reasonable level of street drivability. STEEL BILLET PRECISION MACHINED FLYWHEEL: This is a Direct Fit Mantic Track Clutch kit and therefore includes a precision machined billet flywheel designed to suit high RPM applications. The flywheel includes a bolt kit and everything you need to assemble your Mantic Track Clutch System. If you wish to assemble a Mantic Track Clutch System to a different flywheel, as you have a non-standard engine/gearbox configuration, contact us for details on our non-direct fit kits.

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