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Auto Club Card 3 Day Sale. 15% Off* Spare Parts, Audio & Engine Oil. 25% Off* almost everything else. Ends Sunday 19th.
Auto Club Card 3 Day Sale. 15% Off* Spare Parts, Audio & Engine Oil. 25% Off* almost everything else. Ends Sunday 19th.

ALT 12V 85A BOSCH - BXF1259A

SKU: A7794789

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  • Made from the highest quality raw materials to ensure long life and optimal performance
  • Corrosion resistant to withstand harsh conditions
  • Reduction drive maintains continual speeds for easier starting

Stay in charge with Bosch Alternators

Designed to perform from extreme cold to the hottest conditions you can have faith your new Bosch alternator is constructed with the highest quality materials to go the distance. Built with long lasting bearings, new insulation and rigid welded construction this all adds up to giving you peace of mind when you install it on your vehicle. Trust Bosch to produce a premium alternator that will fit your application and be a perfect match for the OE unit it is replacing.

Designed to equal or better the performance of your original alternator you can be assured that every alternator bearing the Bosch name has been subjected to rigorous real world testing. 100% factory tested for load and voltage regulation and preferred by professional installers and automotive electricians you know you're getting 100+ years of experience and knowledge when you purchase Bosch.

From the origins of some of the first automobiles built prior to 1900, Bosch have forever been at the forefront of automotive equipment and have grown to become one of the world's largest manufacturers of automotive parts. Their products and technology are found in virtually every car make across the globe, and this continual research and development enables not just industry leading alternators but a comprehensive range of distributors and parts, master cylinders as well as spark plugs to name just a few. When it comes to fitting replacement parts insist on Bosch quality to give you the peace of mind that comes from original equipment.

Browse online using our handy Rego search tool or come in store and chat with one of our friendly staff about which Bosch alternator is right for your vehicle and application. When it comes to stocking quality Bosch products it starts with the parts at Repco.

Suits Unit Make
Regulator Type
Power Rating (Amp)
Alternator Mount
Twin Leg
New / Reman.
Adjusting Hole Diameter
Inside Mounting Legs
Pivot Hole Diameter
Pulley Section
3 Groove
Shaft Diameter
Mount Cnt to Cnt
Pin Code

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