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Showing 1 - 20 of 1065 products
OEX Alternator 12V 100A Denso Style - DXA503
OEX Alternator 12V 100A Bosch Style - BXA072
OEX Alternator 12V 140A Mitsubishi Style - MXA306
Bosch Alternator 12V 110A - BXD1217N
OEX Alternator 12V 130A Denso Style - DXA552
OEX Alternator 12V 130A Denso Style - DXA4000
OEX Alternator 12V 90A Denso Style - DXA516
OEX Alternator 12V 80A Denso Style - DXA515
OEX Alternator 12V 100A Hitachi Style - HXA063
OEX Alternator 12V 100A Denso Style - DXA585
OEX Alternator 12V 55A Denso Style - DXA435
OEX Alternator 12V 110A Denso Style - DXA433M
OEX Alternator 12V 90A Hitachi Style - HXA099
OEX Alternator 12V 110A Mitsubishi Style - REFER TO NOTE - MXA288
OEX Alternator 12V 130A D/Style RPL DXA552U - DXA552M
OEX Alternator 12V 105A Denso Style - DXA561
OEX Alternator 12V 130A Mitsubishi Style - MXA2046
OEX Alternator 12V 100A Denso Style - DXA582
OEX Alternator 12V 80A Denso Style - DXA519
OEX Alternator 12V 85A Denso Style - DXA4056
Showing 1 - 20 of 1065 products

Generate the power you need with our range of quality replacement Alternators

Shop Alternators

Although we have passed 2015 and still no Mr Fusion, the need to generate electricity for our vehicles means a functioning alternator is just as important. Whether it is powering the flux capacitor as in the 'Back to the Future' films or just the multitude of electrical components on your vehicle our range of replacement alternators will have you powering into the future. With have some great brands including OEX, Bosch, Valeo, Vemo & Genuine Products.

What does an Alternator do?

Alternators run off the engine using a pulley and drive belt arrangement. They work with the battery to keep your car electrics functioning. The battery provides power to the starter motor and ignition systems to start the engine. Once the engine is running, the alternator then provides power to keep the car running. It also is the delivery system for charging the battery. Being a critical component, most vehicles have a warning light that comes on if the alternator is not charging the battery.

Why do I need an Alternator?

Without an alternator, your car would be running off the battery. Since the battery is not designed for this your car would come to a stop in a fairly short time. Our alternators are manufactured to perform from extreme cold to the hottest conditions you can have faith your new alternator from Repco is constructed with the highest quality materials to go the distance. Built with long lasting bearings, new insulation and rigid construction, all this adds up to giving you peace of mind that installing it on your vehicle brings long term reliability and durability.

What is the Difference between an Alternator and a Generator

In very old cars the generator was used to deliver the charge to the battery. Once the alternator was introduced the generator was rapidly replaced with these new units. While the alternator performs the same role, providing a converted AC current to a DC current for charging the battery, the benefits are it produces the same current regardless of engine rpm in a smaller more compact design. The generator charging was RPM dependent. The more revs the greater the charge.

Our Range of Alternators

Our range of premium alternators will fit a large selection of vehicle makes and models. We should have a brand to match the OE unit it is replacing. Designed to equal or better the performance of your original alternator you can be assured that every alternator in our range has been subjected to rigorous real world testing, possibly at 88 mph (142 Km/h) and beyond. Tested for load and voltage regulation and preferred by professional installers and automotive electricians, our range is the right choice when changing an alternator in your vehicle.

Whilst we have yet to stock an alternator generating 1.21 gigawatts of power we are sure to have the right alternator for your vehicle, whether it is a DeLorean or not. Stocking not just quality Alternators, we also have Starter Motors and Batteries to help keep you going. Browse online using our handy Rego search tool to view our various categories and check details, price and product availability. If it is confusing, come in store (Check our locater for your closets store location) and chat with one of our friendly staff about which alternator is right for your vehicle or application. When it comes to stocking quality alternators it starts with the parts at Repco.

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