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Starter Motors, Drives and Solenoids

Showing 741 - 760 of 829 products
Bosch Starter Motor 12V 11Th CW - 0001138061
OEX Starter Motor 12V 13Th CW Denso Style - DXS4062
Bosch Starter Motor 12V 13Th CW - 0001139085
Bosch Starter Motor 12V 9Th CW - 0001125517
Bosch Starter Motor 12V 9TH CW - 1986S00669
OEX Starter Motor 12V 9Th CW Bosch Style - BXS0183
Bosch Starter Motor 24V 10Th CW - 1986S10040
Bosch Starter Motor 12V 10Th CW - 0001115110
OEX Starter Motor 12V 10TH Mitsubishi Style - MXS2101
Bosch Starter Motor 12V 11TH CW - 0001148015
Bosch Starter Motor 12V 10Th CW - 0001149412
Bosch Starter Motor 12V 10Th CW
Bosch Starter Motor 12V 10Th CW - 1986S00793
Valeo Starter Motor 12V 9Th CW - 06 05 433209
Bosch Starter Motor 12V 12Th CW - 0001109397
Bosch Starter Motor 12V 10Th CCW - 0001120406
Bosch Starter Motor 12V 10Th CW - 1986S00748
Bosch Starter Motor 12V 9Th CW
OEX Starter Motor 12V 10Th CW Mitsubishi Style - MXS2076
Bosch Starter Motor 12V 13Th CCW - 0001179510
Showing 741 - 760 of 829 products

Get the right starter motor for your vehicle when you shop at Repco

Don't let a faulty starter motor ruin your day

There are few things that drivers dread more than the clicking noise of an unresponsive starter motor. Luckily, Repco has a huge range of starter motors to get you back on the road quickly. Stocking hundreds of new starter motors suited to thousands of vehicles on road, we are your one stop shop for quality starter motor replacement.

So what does a starter motor do?

A starter motor is a small electric motor that is attached to an internal combustion engine to turn your engine flywheel ring gear. An electric starter motor will also utilise a starter solenoid which acts as a switch for the power coming via battery cables directly from your battery. As you turn the ignition key the starter relay activates to send power through the starter solenoid to the starter motor.

How do I know I have a bad starter motor?

As with any part on a vehicle, these electric motors degrade over time from use, heat and just general old age. Whilst they may give an indication of possible starter motor failure a bad starter motor can occur at any time.

Corroded battery terminals, grinding of the starter motor gear, blown fuses or relays are just some of the more obvious signs your starter motor requires replacement.

One of the easiest ways to see if you do or don't need to replace a starter motor is to initially check your car battery for sufficient electric current. A low battery will not have sufficient power to engage the starter gear and this check of battery voltage will rule out a faulty car starter motor. This is also shown by dash lights that dip as you turn the key in the ignition switch.

If you starter motor grinds or smoke comes from the unit this is an easy cue that a starter motor fail is possibly on the cards in the not too distant future. It is also a good idea to replace starter motor battery cables and cable terminals if these are also showing signs of wear and corrosion. That way your starting system will have the best chance of turning over your engine.

Repco have a starter motor to suit your vehicle

When your old starter motor is due for the bin come into Repco for the best selection of quality replacement starter motors.

Stocking only the best from Bosch, Valeo, OEX and Denso mean you have the quality and reliability of suppliers who provide thousands of units as OEM to a wide variety of vehicle manufacturers.

Engineered for the toughest conditions and built using premium components, a replacement starter motor from Repco is your guarantee of reliable starting.

Whether starter motor, ignition switch or starter solenoid, we have what it takes to get you moving

When looking to ensure reliable starting you can trust Repco to stock the parts you need. Whether starter motors, EFI parts or electrical cable we can have the range to ensure your charging system is in top condition.

We also stock an extensive range of batteries and electrical tools to ensure your new starter motor is getting the power it needs for reliable engine cranking.

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