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Intermittent Solenoid 24V 120A Normally Open - 24008BX

SKU: A9781076

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  • Normally open (one circuit) off/on.
  • Copper stud terminals 5/16 inch-24.
  • Insulated coil terminals 10-32.
  • Plated steel housing, nuts & washers included.
  • 120A make, 65A break.
  • Copper contacts.
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For over forty years Cole Hersee has been manufacturing heavy duty battery master switches that have been installed as OE equipment by leading manufacturers of heavy duty vehicles.Battery master switches shut down a vehicle's electrical system by cutting off current from the battery. They are designed to help prevent tampering, theft, battery drain and electrical fires.Battery master switches are available with brass or plated steel cases and are actuated by lever or hencol key. Contacts are either silver or copper. O-rings feature in the operating shaft of some models for additional moisture and dirt protection.

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