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Air Induction

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Drivetech 4x4 Induction Hose - 141-006223
Cateran Turbo Gasket Kit - NIS-206
Dayco Air Intake Hose - DAH151
Gates Turbo Hose - 09-0013
Permaseal MLS-R Turbo Gasket - TUR046
Permaseal MLS-R Turbo Gasket Set - TK053
Cateran Replacement Turbo Charger - TOY-113
Permaseal MLS-R Turbo Gasket Set - TK024
Dayco Air Intake Hose - DAH175
Dayco Air Intake Hose - DAH125
Gates Turbo Hose - 09-0021
Cateran Replacement Diesel Turbo Charger - HYU-109
Cateran Replacement Turbo Charger - MIT-104
Cateran Replacement Turbo Charger - HOL-101
Permaseal Turbo Gasket - TUR002
Drivetech 4x4 Induction Hose - 141-006225
Dayco Air Intake Hose - DAH108
Dayco Air Intake Hose - DAH104
Cateran Replacement Diesel Turbo Charger - MIT-105
Showing 81 - 100 of 442 products
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Air Induction components for increased performance

Is your vehicles engine breathing the air that it deserves?

Here at Repco, we offer a wide range of Air Induction parts to keep your engine breathing, such as Air Induction Hoses. We also have access to forced-induction solutions such as Turbo Chargers and Super Chargers, which are available to order.

By sourcing the very best brands available such as K&N and Repco, we guarantee that you will get value for your money when you choose to shop at any one of our 400+ Repco outlets.