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Product Description

Cateran Replacement Diesel Turbochargers - OEM matching quality replacement turbo chargers manufactured from the highest quality metals

Cateran diesel turbochargers are all designed, engineered and produced on home soil here in Australia, putting to use the highest quality materials in the diesel engine industry as well as some of the most technologically advanced machines, tooling and testing equipment on the market. Material requirements are augmented by the strictest regime of testing and quality verification in order to put together a final product which can withstand high-speed rotation up to 150,000 RPM in some cases. That's 2500 rotations every second!

If you're reading this, chances are you're shopping for a replacement turbo. This is one of the most important engine parts for turbocharged engines, so if you're still unsure if your turbo is due a replacement, some of the most obvious tell-tale signs of a failing turbo include:

  • A high-pitched whistle or whine from the engine compartment - Out-of-balance internal components will create unwanted noise and eventually lead to total failure
  • Blue smoke from the exhaust pipe - Blue smoke (not blue or black) under acceleration is caused by oil burning in the exhaust system, indicating leaking internal seals in the turbocharger
  • Engine overheating - A failing turbo will cause the engine to run richer thanks to a reduced supply of air and subsequently increase engine operating temperatures

If you're turbo diesel engine is experiencing any of these symptoms, we recommend fitting a replacement turbo from Cateran.

The Cateran replacement diesel turbo range is assembled to the highest standard. All components are thoroughly cleaned prior to assembly using high-end industrial cleaning equipment before they are machined on industry-leading CNC machines. Following machining and assembly, all Cateran turbos are balanced on a high speed VSR Balancer at over 150,000 RPM to a specification with half the tolerances of most OEMs, they results in a superior spinning turbo for more efficient running and increased service life.

Every Cateran replacement turbocharger utilises Inco713C alloy for their turbine wheels. This alloy has good casting properties and excellent resistance to corrosion and thermal fatigue, withstanding temperatures up to 980 degrees Celsius, making it a popular material choice in the production of jet engines. Each Cateran replacement turbo has a turbine housing made from SiMo alloy which is also resistant to extreme temperatures and will retain mechanical strength when subjected to these conditions. They also feature high quality ring seals and premium-grade bronze bearings which means they will spin smoothly and efficiently, reliably supplying boost to turbo-charged engines. No element of material specification is over-looked in the Cateran manufacturing process which results in an OEM matching quality unit, or even one which is superior to the factory fitted turbo.

To view our whole parts and servicing range, browse the website today using the Rego search function, or head into your local Repco store and speak with one of our friendly team today.