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Product Description

Smart-O Sump Plug - The only sump plug with an O-ring on the threads

If you've ever had annoying oil drips on your driveway or garage floor, you know how finnicky it can be to get your sump plug to seal up properly. With correct crush washers, torque settings and enough luck, you might be able to get your sump to seal up without stripping the drain hole or sump plug threads. To eliminate the guesswork and fragile nature of a drain plug, Smart-O have come up with a revolutionary solution to keeping oil at bay and off your garage floor or driveway. Smart-O's unique oil drain plug design is specially engineered to reduce the risk of damage to the oil pan when compared to a standard oil drain plug. Smart-O sump plugs use an innovative, patented sealing and locking mechanism that enables to sump plug to seal up tight and resist loosening from vibration even with engine vibrations and resonance. Smart-O Sump Plugs are the only sump plug on the market which feature an O-ring on the threads rather than at the base. The intelligent, reactive O-ring material expands up to 10% when it comes into contact with oil. This further strengthens the sealing properties of the sump plug and fills any small air gaps or pockets where the oil could seep through.

Eliminating the possibility of oil leaks as best as possible is great practice for your car. No matter the size, oil leaks can cause issues with your car over time. Aside from the obvious eye-sore stains on your driveway or garage floor, oil leaks can lead to much more seriously and costly results. If small enough, leaks may go undetected and the oil level can become critically low, causing serious internal damage to your car which can end up costing thousands of dollars or even see the car written off. Oil leaks can also damage other parts of the car including start motors or alternators if excess oil becomes trapped in mechanisms or circuitry. Minimising oil leaks is also an essential part of protecting the planet. Just one litre of oil can pollute up to 1 million litres of water and with some cars having an oil capacity over 8 litres, a serious environmental risk is posed by not having a correctly sealing sump plug. Next time you change your oil and filter, do the right thing and grab a Smart-O sump plug to protect your engine and protect the planet. To shop our whole parts and service category, browse the website with the REGO search function or head into your local Repco store and speak with one of our friendly staff today.

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