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Gates Timing Kit Including Water Pump - TCKHWP1601
Repco Timing Belt Kit - Includes Water Pump - RTTKWP1041
Gates Timing Belt Kit - With Water Pump - TCKWP201A
Repco Timing Belt Kit - RTTK335
Tru-Flow Timing Chain Kit - Without Gears - TCK114
Gates Timing Belt Kit - TCKH332
Repco Timing Belt Kit - RTTK277
Repco Timing Belt Kit - RTTK2014
Dayco Timing Belt Kit - Includes Water Pump - KTBA261P
Repco Timing Belt Kit - Includes Hydraulic Tensioner & Water Pump - RTTKHWP1511
Gates Timing Belt Kit - With Hydraulic Tensioner - TCKH1059
Gates Timing Belt Kit - TCKH1602
Tru-Flow Timing Chain Kit - Without Gears - TTCK31NG
Tru-flow Pumps Timing Chain Kit - TTCK31
Gates Timing Belt Kit - With Hydraulic Tensioner - TCKH797
Repco Timing Belt Kit - Includes Water Pump - RTTKWP284A
Repco Timing Belt Kit - RTTK296
Repco Timing Belt Kit - Includes Water Pump - RTTKWP308
Dayco Timing Belt Kit - Includes Hydraulic Tensioner & Water Pump - KTBA281HP
Gates Timing Belt Kit - TCK1032
Showing 41 - 60 of 1182 products

Make timing belt replacement as straightforward as possible with our range of timing belt kits at Repco

For something so relatively simple, nothing can cause more irreparable engine damage than a broken timing belt or timing chain. Looked upon to provide accurate valve timing and correct synchronisation between the camshaft and crankshaft makes your vehicle timing belt or timing chain an integral link in the functioning of your engine. When it comes time for timing belt replacement in your engine, trust Repco to have the timing belts and timing components for your vehicle.

In the past the vast majority of engines used timing chains similar to bike chains to synchronise the camshaft and crankshaft and provide correct ignition timing. Over the years however the costs of these made the introduction of high quality rubber belts with nylon reinforced cords a more affordable option.

Modern engines run with such fine tolerances that any significant wear of your engines timing belt can lead to incorrect engine timing and in turn poor performance and responsiveness. A certain amount of this wear will be taken up by the timing belt tensioner but car manufacturers recommend replacing of the timing belt at periodic intervals to retain maximum efficiency of the engine and thereby removing the chance of damage caused when these break.

Limit a broken timing belt when you shop Repco's range of timing belts

Tucked behind the timing cover, a visual inspection of your timing belt can sometimes prove difficult, not to mention issues with access. So when it comes to installing a new timing belt, the most cost effective method is to replace components that are also buried deep in the engine bay such as the water pump.

Repco stock a number of water pump kit and timing component packages that enable your car service to be as efficient as possible and limit the removed components being handled twice. Ensuring your cooling system as well as your timing system is in top condition make doing these jobs at the same time the most efficient way of repair.

To find the right timing belt for your vehicle use our handy Rego search function and enter your vehicle details. From oil seals, timing belt or chain, belt tensioner to a multitude of accessories, many of our kits comprise various configurations of parts so you get exactly what you need to do your repairs. If you need any addition help or for more information, contact your local store and our customer service team will endeavour to help. As well as timing kits we stock the engine tools, timing components and drive belt tensioners to ensure your vehicle runs in perfect condition.

No matter what type of car you drive - whether it's a 4WD, an SUV or a hatchback we have the right timing kits to suit your needs and budget. Stocking the very best brands such as Gates, Dayco, Bosch and our own Repco kits mean you shop from our car parts range with confidence knowing that we guarantee lasting quality combined with a competitive price.

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