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Tridon Throttle Position Sensor - TTH047

SKU: A9620334

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Keep your car running smoothly with a quality Throttle Position Sensor from Tridon

Rough idling or your car lacking power when accelerating? Maybe your Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) is on the way out and in need of replacement. Don't be left at the mercy of poor performance and bad fuel economy when you can invest in a quality replacement TPS from Tridon. All Tridon throttle position sensors have been carefully researched and engineered to suit each specific application, so you know you'll be on your way with a part that is right for your car.

The throttle position sensor, is an electrical device designed to monitor the position of the vehicle throttle valve, plate, butterfly or spindle. Integrated in or on the throttle body assembly, the throttle position sensor enables the vehicle engine management system (ECU) to accurately determine the angle and rotational speed of the vehicle throttle valve. In tandem with the vehicle ECU it identifies throttle position required for fuel and air delivery, ignition timing and other important functions.

Over time, these sensors can break down or become inaccurate leading to issues such as rough or slow idling, stalling and lack of throttle response and power. It is also a major cause of poor fuel economy by providing incorrect fuel to air ratios that lead to increased and inefficient fuel usage.

Subjected to harsh under-bonnet conditions and tough road use, just like other components of your car, your TPS can fail over time and give incorrect data or no data at all to the ECU. Often these issues will flag up a check engine light on the car which is handy if you have a code reader, however sometimes the issue will remain a mystery. We recommend testing your suspect sensors with a multi-meter to track down the issue It is always advisable to replace your TPS as soon as these symptoms become apparent.

Browse and shop online using our handy Rego search feature, or come into a Repco store today and speak to one of our friendly staff about which quality Tridon throttle position sensor is right for your vehicle.

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