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Power Steering

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Repco Power Steering Pump - RNSP1844
Repco Power Steering Pump - RNSP1863
Repco Steering Rack - RNSR1260
Repco Power Steering Pump - RNSP1830
Repco Steering Pump Reservoir - RPSR4350
Repco Power Steering Pump - RNSP1814
Repco Power Steering Pump - RNSP350125
Kelpro Power Steering Hose - HPS062
Repco Steering Box - RNSB1717
Pow-a-seal Steering Pump Seal Kit - PRK-35000
Pow-a-seal Steering Pump Seal Kit - PRK-32000
Repco New Full Electric Steering Rack - RNSR320031
Pow-a-seal Steering Pump Seal Kit - PRK-9125
Pow-a-seal Steering Pump Seal Kit - PRK-3514
Repco Power Steering Pump - RNSP1800
Pow-a-seal Steering Pump Seal Kit - PRK-9100
Kelpro Power Steering Pump - KPP139
Pow-a-seal Steering Pump Seal Kit - PRK-65800
Repco Steering Rack Boot Kit - URPB
Showing 1 - 20 of 278 products

Power Steering Pumps, Hoses, Boxes & Racks

Shop Power Steering Pumps, Hoses, Boxes & Racks

Without power steering, turning a corner or parking would require a number of trips to the gym to build up arm muscles. Power steering or power assisted steering makes it so much easier to turn the steering wheel and we stock some great brands like Drivetech, Kelpro, Pow-A-Seal, Repco, Transtec, Sasic, Swag, LUK, Vaico & Bosch.

What does Power Steering do?

Power steering or power assisted steering makes the force required to turn the steering wheel a lot lighter. The reason it was introduced is tyres started to get wider. The wider the tyre the more grip it has the harder it became to turn the steering wheel. If your car has manual steering, not power assisted, you notice this the most at lower speeds or parking. Once driving, the faster you go the lighter the steering becomes.

Why do I need Power Steering?

All steering or most steering systems in a car are manual. This is a fail safe in case you lose the power assistance part of the steering. If you turn your ignition key to bypass the steering lock, leave the engine off and turn the steering wheel, the front wheels turn. It requires a lot of effort to do this. Turn the engine on and try it again. Much easier.

Hydraulic Power Steering Systems

A hydraulic power steering system consists of a power steering pump, two hoses that connect the pump to a power steering box or power steering rack. The pump usually has a reservoir attached to it or remote mounted that holds the hydraulic fluid required to operate it. This fluid is called power steering fluid and needs to be checked just like engine oil or brake fluid.

There is a rotary valve in the power steering box or rack that works out whether you are turning left or right and adds assistance to help you turn. In older vehicles you got the same assistance no matter what speed you were doing. Modern cars use the computer to control this assistance so it is less at high speed and a lot greater at low speed or parking.

Problems with Hydraulic Power Steering systems

The power steering pump is usually the place where most power steering noise comes from. If there is low fluid level in the reservoir you get a noise when you turn the steering wheel. It is quiet when you don't move the steering wheel. The power steering pump usually runs off a drive belt on the engine. A loose or worn drive belt causes a high pitched whining noise or squeal when the steering wheel is turned. Again, it is quiet if you don't turn the steering wheel. The reason is when the steering wheel is moved this is when the system is working and under pressure.

The power steering pump can also leak fluid from worn seals. Power steering pumps can be rebuilt but in most cases you get a power steering pump replacement to cure a leaking or faulty power steering pump. Changeover or new power steering pumps gets your car on the road quicker and the old one gets sent off to be refurbished.

Hoses can get cracks and leak or burst if not checked. Power steering boxes can leak or the pitman arms need replacing. Power steering racks can also leak or the rubber boots at either end need replacing. If replacing any components that use fluid make sure you bleed the system so there are no air bubbles in it.

Electric Power Steering Systems

Very similar to in principle to hydraulic. The key difference is they use a computer controlled electric motor to assist the steering. There is still a manual override in case the motor fails. There is no power steering pump so there is no fluid to leak or reservoir to top up and no drive belt to check.

Our range of Power Steering Pumps, Hoses, Boxes & Racks

At Repco we can sort you out for any steering gear items you need. Whether you are replacing a bad pump, need to replace a rack boot, top up your power steering fluid or rebuild a faulty power steering pump, we have the range to suit your needs. If it is too complex our store can recommend the services of a professional mechanic in your area to repair it for you.

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