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  • Internal grease reservoirs for superior lubrication
  • Supplied with extreme pressure molybdenum disulphide grease
  • Comfortable at low speeds, aggressive when cornering
  • Synthetic elastomer construction
  • No squeaks or groans
  • Resistant to chemicals, oil and road grime
  • No need to re-grease
  • Limited lifetime warranty
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Whiteline Sway Bar Bush Kit - Improved handling and cornering performance

Whiteline Sway Bar Bush Kit boast the latest in hi-tech bush material for a comfortable ride when cruising and precise, aggressive handling when you need it the most. The knurled internal surface of Whiteline's replacement sway bar bushes is designed to retain grease so keep your sway bar bushes lubricated for longer and free to absorb any vibrations and dampen any annoying squeaks or other noises. Replacing your worn out sway bar bushes or upgrading to these Whiteline units will improve stability while driving, performance and grip levels while cornering and eliminate any clunks, rattles or knocking associated with worn bushes. With worn out bushes you will also notice excessive body roll when making turns above 50 km/h. Having a car that handles like a boat is not only frustrating under regular driving conditions, it can also pose a serious risk to driver safety when performing emergency manoeuvres such as swerving to avoid debris on the road or avoiding a collisions. To get your car safely gripped up and ready to cruise in comfort or tackle some mountain roads, Whiteline Sway Bar Bush Kits are the ideal upgrade for your ride.

Are you tired of poor handling characteristics, mushy steering or annoying vibrations at freeway speeds? Chances are your suspension or driveline bushes have seen better days and might be due for a replacement. Whiteline Suspension bushes are constructed using a specially engineered 'Synthetic Elastomer' material which features the smooth, comfortable ride quality of standard rubber bushes at low speeds, however at higher speeds this material is quick to react to sudden cornering forces, acceleration and braking loads for high-performance chassis control and improved handling just like urethane bushes.

Whiteline's unique 'no-compromise' bushes have been perfected with extensive testing on both the road and the track to ensure minimal compromise to ride quality and maximum performance when it comes to precision handling characteristics, perfect for track days, spirited driving through the hills or even for extra confidence when emergency braking or swerving to avoid collisions in your daily driver. You've probably heard the complaints about urethane bushes. They're too noisy and squeaky for my daily driver, they dry out and you have to re-grease them too often, they make my car ride too rough and there's too many vibrations! Urethane bushes definitely aren't for the faint-hearted, but Whiteline's unique compound does away with these age-old problems. For all the best bits of poly bushes with none of the negatives, Whiteline is the way to go. The superior elasticity, memory and outright durability out-performs competitors and eliminates annoying squeaks and groans of other poly bushes even without regreasing. Whiteline bushes are also resistant to chemicals, oils and weathering from aggressive road grime and other contaminants.

Whether you're wanting to upgrade your standard bushes or need to fit some replacement for dry, cracked and worn out units, Whiteline's range includes:

  • Sway bar bushes
  • Control arm bushes
  • Diff bushes
  • Crossmember bushes
  • Panhard rod bushes
  • Shock absorber bushes

To shop our whole steering and suspension range to get your car steering straight, browse the website with the REGO search function or head into your local Repco store and speak with one of our friendly staff today.

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