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Nice Products Windscreen Washer Pump - NWP1300

SKU: A5290480

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  • 12V Washer pump
  • 16.3mm inlet & 4.5mm outlet
  • Includes rubber sealing grommet

Nice Windscreen Washer Pumps

If your windscreen wiper fluid spray has lost its flow and pressure it could be time to replace your windscreen washer pump. Before doing this, make sure that your washer nozzle is clear of obstructions that could be leading to reduced flow rate or pressure. If the washer nozzle is clear and pressure is still an issue, then consider replacing your factory windscreen wiper motor with a new one. Nice windscreen washer pumps are quality pumps that will return your cars windscreen wiper fluid pressure to the required level for your make and model and can be simple to replace. The range of Nice windscreen washer pumps cover a large range of vehicle make and models which will make replacing your existing unit easy as they are designed to retrofit your factory unit. When selecting your pump either select the one for your make and model or one that has the correct inlet & outlet dimensions for you application. Also make sure you select the appropriate voltage for your make and model as there are a range of 12 and 24-volt pumps.

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