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Repco Hydro Flat Wiper Blades - Premium quality wiper blades with extreme windscreen contact

Repco Hydro Flat wiper blades offer an increased performance over traditional replacement wiper blades thanks to their clever design. Unlike cheaper wiper replacements, Repco Hydro Max wipers contour to any unique windscreen curvature in order to offer the best possible contact surface and effectiveness when clearing water. Where you will have noticed streaks and lines of water left by other wiper blades, this is a direct result of limited wiper to windscreen contact. Hydro Flat wipers feature an aerodynamically designed spoiler which reduces wind noise, but most importantly forces the wiper arm into the windscreen to further increase the all important windscreen contact. The rubber blade in Hydro Flat wipers is graphite coated specifically to reduce noise and chatter created by cheap wiper blades, allowing a smooth, low-noise operation when driving through wet weather. Hydro Flat wipers feature a synthetic-rubber squeegee which is formulated to withstand extreme road and weather conditions they will be subjected to on the front of your car.

When do I change my windscreen wipers?

  • It's advised that you should replace your wiper blades every 6-10 months or as soon as you notice any of the other points below
  • You should replace your windscreen wipers if they are chattering and shuddering on the windscreen
  • You should replace your wiper blades if they are smearing instead of clearing the water from your windshield
  • You should replace your wipers if they are streaking and not making contact with parts of your windscreen

Whilst replacing your wiper blades is a satisfying practice leaving you with a clean, clear windscreen, it’s also a great safety practice. In winter showers or tropical summer downpours, overwhelming amounts of rain build-up on the windscreen can sometimes completely eliminate view of the road without fresh, high quality wiper blades and create obvious hazards. When equipping yourself with a fresh set of wipers, we also recommend topping up with a quality windscreen additive so that you have clear vision in dry conditions too. Windscreen additives work with your wiper blades to clear any dirt, bugs or other road grime, allowing you to focus n the road. Stay safe with a fresh set of wipers and drive through any downpours or storms with confidence and clarity. To shop our range of windscreen wiper components, browse the website or visit your local Repco store and speak with one our friendly staff today.

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