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Valeo Silencio Aquablade Wiper Blade Set 600mm 24in 500mm 20in Heated - 572313

SKU: A5463966


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  • Washer fluid distributed all along the blade for a thourough clean
  • The whole wiping surface on the windscreen is perfectly cleaned
  • Increased safety from with no visual disturbance for the driver when cleaning the windshield, at any speed.
  • 4 meters braking distance saved when travelling at 50km/h
  • The Valeo AquaBlade wiper system is so precise that it halves the amount of fluid used
  • Best efficiency in wiping performance - the asymmetric spoiler provides even pressure on the windshield
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AquaBlade - next generation windscreen wipers

Valeo brings to the Aftermarket its latest O.E. innovation: The AquaBlade. Valeo's new patented wiper technology delivers wiper fluid directly onto the windshield via several nozzles on the wiper blades, rather than via nozzles mounted on the hood that spray the windscreen coincidently blocking vision for the few moments you're spraying the windscreen. The windshield is wiped instantly and uniformly, regardless of vehicle speed, allowing for constant and perfect visibility.

Front-facing cameras and sensors, which are now more common on car windscreens, also benefit from an improved field of vision. Not only do they keep your field of view clear and effectivly wipe the windscreen but AquaBlade wipers also use half the amount of wiper fluid that conventional wipers require meaning you're filling up your winscreen washer bottle less frequently. AquaBlade are currently available for a select few Mercedes Benz variants but expect to see this amazing technology being taken up by more manufacturers soon.

When it comes to vision impairment when wet, it is vital that you change your wiper blades. With Australia and New Zealand’s weather being unpredictable with sunshine one minute and rain the next, never be left wondering if your next trip in the car if your wiper blades are going to do the job. Just like changing your tyre, changing your brakes or globes wiper blades need to be regularly checked to ensure optimum performance. This is commonly overlooked by all of us, with Valeo providing you with protection, safety, and comfort. You will feel at ease to get back on the road with self-assurance that your vision is clear whenever you jump in the car.

When do I change my windscreen wipers?

  • It's advised that you should replace your wiper blades every 12 to 24 months or as soon as you notice any of the other points below
  • you should replace your windscreen wipers if they are chattering and shuddering on the windscreen
  • you should replace your wiper blades if they are smearing instead of clearing the water from your windshield
  • you should replace your wipers if they are streaking and not making contact with parts of your windscreen

If your windscreen wipers are shuddering, smearing, or simply not making contacting your windscreen correctly it is advised that you replace your wiper blades. If you're unsure on when it's the right time to replace your wiper blades or need some know how tips on how to change your wiper blades, check out our handy Wiper Blades: Everything You Need To Know About Changing Them page. To shop our range of windscreen wiper components and windscreen additives browse the website or visit your local Repco store and speak with one our friendly staff today.

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