Bowdens Own Boss Gloss in Action

The Bowdens Own Boss Gloss BOBOSS is an awesome show car detailing spray made for car lovers who need something fast and easy to detail their entire car with. Bowdens Own Boss Gloss BOBOSS won't strip waxes or sealants, so it's ideal to use as a final step process. Bowdens Own Boss Gloss BOBOSS is perfect for car shows as it cleans off light dust, road grime and fingerprints. With built in lubrication to help encapsulate fine dirt particles and help reduce micro scratches and swirls it wipes off fast and streak free on wet or dry surfaces even in the sun. Boss Gloss is also Bowdens Owns best lubricant to use with the clay bar or clay towels. Bowdens Own Boss Gloss gives a crazy beautiful gloss and that lovely slick finish for the win.

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