Bowden's Own Snow Job

Snow foaming is the perfect first step to dramatically reduce swirl marks and micro scratches while washing modern clear coated paint.
It's effectively a pre-wash system that creates a thick, deep blanket of cleansing foam that gently dissolves and releases a lot of the grit and grime that has bonded to the paints surface. After letting the foam dwell, you blow it off with a strong jet of pressurised water. With it goes the vast majority of the potentially scratching contaminates.
This is why snow foaming has now become so popular with hardcore enthusiasts and professional detailers to do before hand-washing their cars.
The Snow Blow Cannon was custom designed to be easy to use and give amazing foaming. The short stubby bottle means you can put the Cannon down and not have it tip over.
In this video we are using a domestic 1800 PSI pressure washer. The Snow Job foam is mixed at a ratio of 10:1.

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