Bowdens Own Wheely Clean

Wheely Clean does really well for loosening dirt and grime, so you can pressure wash the majority of it away with no scrubbing.
More effective on brake dust, deeper cleaning of grime, longer working time, slower drying and more hydrophilic, easier on porous or unsealed finishes.
No acids, not corrosive or caustic and pH balanced
Safe on all wheel types including clear coated, polished alloy, chromed, painted, steel, carbon, anodised, billet, magnesium, matte finish, and even plastic dipped/coated wheels too
Epic for high performance and European cars with heavy brake dust issues
Quick to use. Just spray on, quickly scrub and then hose off (pressure washer is strongly advised).
Can be scrub free if you're only cleaning heavy brake dust. Spray on and pressure wash off
Unique chemical reaction breaks down brake dust and grime to a purple coloured water soluble complex, for easy washing off
Proudly all Aussie made and developed formula, some of our chemists best work here

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