Tutorials CTEK CTX Battery Sense - how to connect

Learn how to connect the CTEK CTX Battery Sense to your vehicle's battery for use.

The CTEK Battery Sense transmitter can be mounted directly to your battery and send a signal of your battery's percentage, voltage and even temperature.

Step 1. Simply connect the CTEK Battery Sense monitor to the battery terminals using the positive and negative wires ensuring all bolts or nuts are securely tightened.

Step 2. Use the sticky pad to connect the monitor to a smooth, flat surface or use cable ties to strap to the engine compartment.

Step 3. Download the CTEK Battery Sense app from the Apple or Android App Store.

Step 4. Enter the Battery Sense id into the app. You can find this on the monitor itself or on the box and it will sync via Bluetooth.

Step 5. Ensure the app is open to receive information from Battery Sense monitor to your phone or background updates are switched on in the phone's settings.

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