Meguiar's NXT Polymer Paint Sealant

Meguiar’s NXT Generation Polymer Paint Sealant is an entirely new dimension in shine and protection. Featuring Meguiar’s advanced proprietary hydrophobic polymer technology, NXT Polymer Paint Sealant, glides on incredibly easy, then buffs off effortlessly to provide relentless, uniform water beading (the signature of protection) and outstanding durability – for up to six months! In addition to exceptional protection against UV damage, oxidation, corrosion and surface degradation, NXT Polymer Paint Sealant minimises fine swirls and micro-scratches to deliver that deep, vibrant colour and dramatically clear wet-look that Meguiar’s is famous for.
For well over 100 years, Meguiar’s has been providing car crazy people with specialised surface care formulations to give everything automotive that ‘show car perfect’ finish. The Meguiar’s exceptional range includes premium-quality products for every vehicle surface, including; paintwork, plastic, glass, wheels, tyres, vinyl, leather and the many different interior and exterior finishes. There’s more to a great brand than its high-quality products. For Meguiar’s is all about serious car enthusiasts and our passionate, car crazy fans. Don’t just take our word for it, go ask someone who uses Meguiar’s and see what they think. Meguiar’s Reflect your passion.

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