Narva Probe II Rechargeable LED Inspection Light

Now twice as bright compared to the original 'Probe' L.E.D Inspection light, the ‘Probe II’ is a specialty tool made for professionals of all walks of life whether that be mechanics, electricians, plumbers, radio installers etc. Utilising SMD (Surface Mount Device) L.E.Ds it provides a smooth and even light output with additional “end-tip” L.E.Ds to illuminate the tightest spaces.
Features an ultra slim housing with a soft rubberised non-slip texture and shatterproof polycarbonate lens. SMD L.E.Ds provide a smooth and even light output whilst the top mounted L.E.Ds provide end tip illumination of objects in otherwise difficult to access areas. An in-built L.E.D indicator flashes red when the battery is low and blue when recharging.
Other features include:
* 5 hours of continuous illumination before recharging is required
* Large rubber grip provides non-slip comfort when handling
* Docking station can be used to store and charge Probe II with 240V AC adaptor
* Micro USB lead allows the lamp to be charged from vehicles and computers
* Lithium batteries have no memory effect and a longer shelf life

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