Projecta 6 Stage Battery Charger

Mark Allen previews the range of Projecta Pro-Charge battery chargers

The Projecta 6 Stage battery charger is simple to operate and is suitable for most battery types and sizes. The Pro-Charge battery chargers are fully automatic and come with a 6 stage charging system and include;

  • Rejuvenation
  • Soft Start
  • Bulk Charge
  • Absorbption
  • Equalisation
  • Analysis and
  • Float

The charger is multi purpose from periodic maintenance of your battery to restoring tired old batteries by revitalizing the batteries cells providing increased life and performance. Better yet, it won't overcharge or damage the battery if left connected to the battery indefinitely. The chargers output can be adjusted depending on the size and quality of the battery your looking to charge.

All Pro-Charge battery chargers are spark free and protect against accidental reverse connection. The charge rate can be set at 1Amps to 21Amps depending on the battery with an easy to read guide contained in the product manual.

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