Projecta 12/24V Dual Battery Volt Meter

Mark Allen checks out Projecta's dual battery volt meter

Camping with 12v applicances such as fridges, camp lights, navigation systems and the all important dash cam all use battery power and a flat battery is one thing you don't want to be stressing about when out camping. That's where the Projecta Dual Battery Volt Meter comes into its own.

This compact battery device will monitor the condition of your battery. It will display the voltage for both batteries across both 12volt and 24volt systems and comes with a low current draw. It comes colour coded, pre wired and covers 1.2m in length ensuring its easy to install.

It comes with an easy to read display and provides a battery level indicator for quick battery diagnosis. The car battery device automatically dims when your headlights are active and comes with a toggle to adjust the brightness. A flashing and audible system lets you know when your battery levels are too low or too high. Even when the ignition is off you are still able to check the status of the battery. Its simple to install and easy to use and will provide peace of mind when it comes to your battery and its operation.

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