Repco Anti-Freeze Anti-Boil Ready-to-use Coolant

Repco Ready-to-use Anti-Freeze/Anti Boil coolant provides 3 Year/100,000 kilometer protection. Meeting the demand of high performance multivalve engines plus Turbo and Supercharged engines, this coolant is diluted with demineralised water for convenient ready use and offers maximum cooling system protection.

Specially formulated to protect your vehicle in extreme hot and cold conditions.
It Combines Ethylene Glycol with a powerful corrosion inhibitor system that provides anti-rust protection, maximising corrosion protection even at high engine loads.

​​​​​​​Remember to consult your owners manual for cooling system capacity and filling procedures and we recommend Repco Cooling system flush when changing coolant to effectively remove deposits, scale and sludge from the cooling system.

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