Repco RCT Brake Pads

Next Generation Repco RCT Brake Pads are the first in the market with Radial Chamfer Technology. Radial Chamfering is an advanced technology where the leading and trailing edges of the brake pads are ground and radiused to give a smooth leading and trailing edge. As a result Repco RCT Ceramic Brake Pads have a greater surface area than other brake pads in the market. This surface area is maintained throughout the life of the brake pad. The larger surface area on Repco RCT Brake Pads allows maximum pad contact with the Rotor and a more even distribution of Brake pressure which means more even heat distribution and wear.

The Stop Ready stripe is an orange bedding in compound running down the centre of the pad. This compound in the Stop Ready Stripe helps condition the rotor and pad surface. The stripe will dissipate when the pad is fully mated with the rotor. That means that with Repco RCT Brake Pads no bedding in of the Brake Pads is required. With Regular Brake Pads bedding in is required and it takes longer to receive a match between the brake rotor and the brake pad. If bedding in of regular ceramic brake pads is not done correctly it can lead to noise and vibration issues. With Repco RCT Brake Pads this problem is avoided all together. The Premium NBR Silent-Guard Shims of Repco RCT Ceramic Brake Pads also minimize noise, vibration and harshness.

When replacing your brake pads, make sure you check your brake rotor wear. If the rotors are warped, scored or looks to have uneven wear then you should look at getting them machined or replaced. when replacing brake rotors we recommend the Repco brake rotor range, they have been developed to work perfectly with the Repco RCT brake pad range

Learn the basics and inner workings of your car's braking systems and how to make repairs or replace essential parts with Repco's How to Video Guide.

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