Repco Halogen Globes

Repco 12 Volt Halogen Globes are manufactured using only the highest quality materials.
Covering over 80% of the car market, Repco Halogen Globes match or exceed competitor brand manufacturing standards and are UV protected to ensure they are safe for use with polycarbonate lenses.
Featured in the range:
* Repco Ice Blue Globes provide up to 50% more light with a white beam and slight blue tinge for better car aesthetics. Giving greater clarity of the road ahead at night.
* Repco Intense Power +50 Globes provide up to 50% more light and improved night driving safety and comfort.
* Repco Extra Power +30 Globes have Up to 30% more light on the road, providing greater vision and visibility than standard replacement halogen globes.
Available in: H1, H3, H4 and H7 globe types - refer to your vehicle handbook for the correct globe type for your vehicle.

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