Repco RCT Brake Pads

The next generation of premium brake pads integrate multiple new technologies designed specifically for Australia and New Zealand driving conditions.

With a range built for durability, quality and most importantly your safety.

Repco RCT Brake Pad Range

RCT Premium Ceramic Brake pads

Developed for Passenger vehicles from little hatch backs up to the larger family sedans and soft roader SUVs.

Repco RCT Ceramic are focused on low dust meaning shinier wheels for longer, low noise, easy quick bedding-in and original pedal feel.

This is achieved by using a premium ceramic formulation mixed with the radial chamfering technology, silent guard shims, and a stop read stripe.

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RCT Extreme Brake pads

So you have a heavy-duty 4WD, van, SUV, ute or tow vehicle that needs more stopping power? Fear not, Repco have just released it's latest in RCT tecnology - RCT EXTREME.

RCT Extreme is developed to take on the harsh conditions of a heavy duty vehicle while maintaining original pedal feel. whether you're loading up the 4WD for a weekend on the trails, towing a caravan behind the SUV or packing 10 bags of cement into the tray of your ute, RCT Extreme has your back.

RCT Extreme Semi metalic formulation mixed with the radial chamfering technology, silent guard shims, and a stop read stripe to give you a premium heavy duty brake pad at a great price!

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Our Next Generation Brake Pads

Radial Chamfering

Curved chamfer on the pad material provides smoother, quieter braking as the brake pad meets the brake rotor, while retaining a greater braking area throughout the life of the pad.

Silent Guard Shims

To minimise the transfer of vibration that causes noise to the vehicle. Triple layer sandwich of European supplied SAE 1010 cold rolled steel shim, bonded between two layers of US sourced high quality Nitrile-Butadiene rubber (NBR) enable the pads to be some of the quietest available in the market.

Stop Ready Stripe

Bedding-in is not required with Repco RCT Pads as the special orange bedding-in compound applied to the face of the brake pad known as a Stop Ready Stripe means that the pads deliver top quality braking performance from the first stop.

Repco Rotors

When it comes to the safety of you and your family, you need to have trust in your vehicle's braking system. This is why we've designed a high quality, high carbon steel brake rotor made to withstand extreme heat and minimise warping, matching OE quality and feel for dependable stopping power every time. Repco brake rotors have been designed to work perfectly with Repco RCT and Repco RCT Extreme brake pads, giving superior stopping power and confidence in your braking system.

  • High carbon cast iron
  • OE quality brake rotors for a direct fit replacement
  • Over 250 part numbers in the range
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