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Product Description

Clean up fast with Repco's Heavy-Duty hand cleaner

Leave the workshop dirt and grime behind with Repco's own heavy duty hand cleaner which has been formulated to remove ingrained grease and solids from even the hardiest of work conditioned hands. A smooth yet course blend of pumice to remove the dirt, mixed with lanolin to soothe and condition, makes this hand cleaner the perfect addition to your hand basin or laundry tub, ensuring clean soft hands at the end of the work day.

Whether changing the oil on your car or packing wheel bearings with grease there aren't too many job in your garage or workshop where your hands won't be filthy by the end of it. Even paint splatter or adhesive residue are just some of the reminders of a job well done as we keep on top of all the vehicle and home maintenance. Repco's heavy-duty hand cleaner takes care of even the toughest grease and oil stains and with its ability to remove paint, sealants, resins and dyes ensures no dirty fingerprints or marks once you've finished washing your hands. The lanolin rich formulation also helps to restore much needed moisture in your hands when harsher hand cleaners can strip the natural oils from your skin leaving it raw and prone to cracking and dryness.

Whether you choose one of the many safe and effective hand cleaners in the Repco range or have a preference to using a pair of latex or mechanics gloves to keep your hands clean you can trust Repco to provide the solutions to keeping your own tools of the trade in top shape and ready for anything. Shop online our great range or come in store and speak to one of our helpful staff today.

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