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Product Description

Repco Fusion PVC and Carpet Floor Mats - The perfect balance of quality and protection

Repco's Fusion mats provide the perfect blend of durability, vehicle interior protection and comfort styling for your vehicle. Made from plush carpet and low odour materials, composite mats meet the demands of practicality and style for your vehicle.

Repco's universal range of car mats are the ideal solution for kitting out your car with accessories while keeping your vehicle protected. Floor mats are a great addition to any car as they are a great piece of customisation and offer great protection from daily wear and tear, mud, sand or abrasions. Designed to perform to a high standard and ready for heavy use, choose from a grey or black colours in a variety of sets and styles to suit all your needs with floor mats sold in packs of 4 (2 front, 2 rear) or rear mats only. These sleek colours are specially selected to offer minimal yet stylish aesthetics when installed in your car. While floor mats are great for protecting your upholstery from daily wear and tear, they are also great for hard-working tradies, muddy 4x4 enthusiasts and other outdoorsmen who often walk mud, dirt and filth into their carpets. At Repco, we offer a range of floor mat types including replacement carpet mats, easy to wash rubber units and even tailored fit mats for specific vehicles.

To shop our whole range of interior accessories and seat covers, browse our website or head into your local Repco store and speak with one of our friendly staff to find something to fit your vehicle.