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Repco Opulence Sheep Skin Car Seat Covers - Genuine wool construction for additional comfort and interior protection

Repco Opulence Sheep Skin Seat Covers offer huge improvements to any vehicle's interior. With their 24mm thick, genuine wool plush pile and additional foam layer, these seat covers take any worn out, uncomfortable seat covers and transform them into a cloud-like car seat with superior comfort and support. These Sheep Skin Seat Covers are also great for modern interiors increase comfort and add a line of protection to your car's interior, leaving you with mint condition seats underneath and preserving precious re-sale value when it comes time to upgrade. For modern applications, these genuine Sheep Skin Seat Covers have advance stitching methods which retains a high level of strength but also allows side air-bags to work as the manufacturer intended with no obstruction from the seat covers.

Repco Opulence Seat Covers are designed to fit size 30/50 seats and are super easy to install thanks to their heavy duty fasteners which ensure the seat covers act as a second skin for your seats without sliding around or becoming misaligned like other cheap seat covers. These seat covers are a great idea for tradies' work rigs and 4x4 adventure rigs. Not only will you have heaps of extra comfort for long drives to the worksite or convoys to the 4x4 tracks, they will also protect your seats from any mud, dirt, oil, grease or other mess you encounter whilst on the tools or smashing the 4x4 tracks. Once you've got them caked in mud and dirt, simply remove the seat covers and hand wash them with your favourite car interior cleaner for a brand new result. The quality of these seat covers is denoted by the Woolmark stamp of quality. The Woolmark logo is synonymous with quality in textile manufacturing and ensures that these seat covers are the best of the best. To shop our whole range of seat covers and vehicle accessories, browse the website today or head into your local Repco store and speak with one our friendly staff today, they can also point you in the right direction if you're after a set of custom vehicle specific seat covers.

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Front Seat Cover

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