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Sheep Skin Seat Cover Comfort for your Car

The Repco brand is synonomous with quality and this is particularly the case with our sheepskin seat covers. The Repco seat cover range has a quality car seat cover to meet your own individual flair. The added benefit is that it delivers on the need to protect your car's interior from wear and tear, while increasing your seat's comfort level and support. The Repco Comfort car seat covers gives you a plush and comfortable cover that provides extra support over and above that of your car's original seating. Repco's Comfort range offers a 12mm wool pile with the fibres in the wool acting as micro springs to give you an increased level of comfort and support whether it be inner city driving or long country road trips for work or play.

The Sheepskin wool car seat covers provide added benefits given the extreme weather conditions we experience from the cold depths of winter to the extreme heat of summer. Wool is a great natural fibre that provides thermal properties to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. During winter drives, air gets trapped within the wools fibres and quickly rises to your existing body heat locking in the warmth whilst during summer wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture keep you as cool as a cucumber.

The Repco Comfort seat covers are manufactured with side air bag compatibility to keep you safe and are independently tested to ensure they don't impede the safety standards of the vehicle. Each side seam on the seat cover is stitched by a pre-programed computer controlled sowing machine to ensure the compliance of certified requirements. This provides maximum comfort, pride, durability all while keeping you safe. Available for most makes and models, these car seat covers are 100% pure wool fleece, are odor resistant and are proudly Australian owned and designed. Best of all there is a two year replacement warranty. To see the online range of Front, Rear and Front & Rear Packs click

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