Specialty Tool Range

Braking System Specialty Tools

When getting stuck into a brake overhaul on any vehicle, it's important to be equipped with all of the necessary braking tools to ensure the job is a smooth one with minimal time spent in the garage so you can get back on the road sooner with brakes that perform like new. Without the proper tools required to complete the task, an otherwise simple task can become a difficult one with multiple sets of hands required and even the chance of an unsatisfactory final result with the braking system not performing as it should. Some of the tools to consider picking up when grabbing your new brake pads and rotors include:

  • Disc brake pad spreader or calliper wind-back tools
  • Brake bleeder kit
  • Brake fluid extractor
  • Brake line clamps
  • Brake fluid tester

Steering and Suspension Specialty Tools

When replacing steering and suspension components on your car, there's a few must-have tools to get your car steering straight. Whether you're replacing tired out ball joints, fitting some fresh tie rods or throwing in a set of lowering springs there are a few tools to make the job easier, safer and faster. Other than the obvious jack and jack stands, some of the tools you should equip yourself with before getting stuck into any steering, suspension or driveline mods and servicing include:

  • Coil spring compressors
  • Ball joint separator
  • Pilot bearing puller
  • Gear puller
  • CV joint banding tool
  • Tie rod separator

Cooling System Specialty Tools

If you're heading off on an inter-state road trip or a costal road trip this summer, it's important to make sure your cooling system is in-check. While a visual inspection will give you a good amount of information to determine the health of your cooling system, with a few simple cooling system tools you can get stuck into a thorough health-check and overhaul of your cooling system before heading away this summer. Just some of the great cooling system tools offered at Repco include:

  • Cooling system pressure testing kit
  • Radiator pressure testing kit
  • Coolant funnels
  • Viscous fan spanners
  • Radiator fin straighteners

Electrical and Charging System Specialty Tools

When working on your car, is isn't all nuts, bolts and grease. Modern cars with endless amounts of sensors, wiring, computers and control modules have their own needs separate to the cars of yesteryear. Whether you're having battery charging issues, trying to diagnose a check engine light or wondering why your electric windows are stuck down in the middle of a rain storm, there are a set of electrical tools that are great to keep on hand when working on your car including:

  • Multimeter
  • Circuit tester
  • OBD code reader
  • Trim removal tools
  • Battery tester