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Mechpro Blue 12v Timing Light - MPBTL1

SKU: A5462908

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  • High Impact ABS Housing
  • Compatible with 12V DC Petrol systems
  • Light Status
  • Detachable heavy duty inductive pick up clamp
  • Xenon stroboscope
  • 1 Year Nationwide Warranty
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Mechpro Blue Inductive Timing Light

Featuring a tough ABS plastic body to withstand the knocks and punishment of any garage or workshop this Timing Light from Mechpro Blue has been designed for fast and accurate ignition timing readings to get your vehicle running smoothly in no time. Compatible for all 12 Volt DC petrol systems this timing light features a status light confirming correct connection to the vehicle and the Xenon stroboscope provides clear illumination and visibility of engine timing marks. Made for the capable home mechanic or serious DIY-er this unit allows for easy diagnosis of ignition timing issues or advanced or retarded ignition that robs your engine of power.

Back in a time when ECU's and laptop programmable ignition systems were figments of the imagination and beyond the reach of mere mortals there existed a world of carburettors, points ignition and the seemingly black art of home tuning. Where instant horsepower gains came from the slightest rotation of the distributor and a couple of richer needles in the carburettor it was, alas a simpler time, albeit with less horsepower. For those of us that still dabble in this realm we see the value in ensuring that our vehicles timing is spot on to ensure smooth power delivery and maximum gains from our engine. Using a timing light is relatively straightforward and will quickly highlight a few basic signs of your engine tuning -

  • Firstly connect the clamps to the positive and negative sides of the battery and then attach the signal wire to the number one spark plug wire
  • Then with the engine running, direct the timing light at the crankshaft pulley at the lower front of the engine.
  • Pulling the trigger on the timing light will provide a strobe effect that will indicate on the pulley whether the number one cylinder is firing before or after TDC (top dead centre). There are degree marks on the pulley that signify where this specifically is.
This diagnosis will then allow you to determine whether your engine is firing too early before the piston is at the top of the cylinder or too late after the piston is on the downward stroke. Both of these actions rob your engine of power and performance. As is the case with varying engines and ignition timings it pays to be familiar with your vehicles optimum timing specifications and work to those as recommended by the manufacturer.

Shop online or come in store to see not just Mechpro Blue's range of diagnostic equipment but our extensive range of Mechpro Blue hand tools and Garage Tools and Equipment for all you tuning and vehicle maintenance requirements.

Are you like us and love to spend the weekends and evenings in the engine bay, fixing or improving your car? Do you look forward to track days, off-road adventures, road trips, modifying your car or just fixing the parts that break instead of paying a professional? Then you, like us, are the professional DIYer and you need the range of Mechpro Blue tools and garage equipment. If you're looking to add a few extra tools to your existing kit or wanting to get some power behind your tools with the Mechpro Blue air tools and compressors, Mechpro Blue is designed for you. Shop the full range online or visit a Repco store today so you can touch and feel the quaility tools we know you'll love. Old cars are sick.

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