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Repco Deluxe 10 Pc Noid Light Set - RST220

SKU: A9530463

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  • Simply disconnect harness and plug in appropriate light to see if the component is being fed a trigger signal
  • Set includes cable to allow light to be viewed from the driver's seat
  • Simple to use and has a wide vehicle application
  • Locate and isolate ECU signal faults fast
  • Noid and idle air control valve indicator lights test for control signal from ECU

Repco Deluxe Noid Light Set

This 10 Piece Set eliminates guesswork as it is a fuel injection tester that confirms if injectors are receiving the signal to open and close when diagnosing performance issues, such as if your no start vehicle has a rough idle.

It is quite easy to use and by disconnecting the fuel injectors and plugging in the appropriate noid light, you can see the end of the extension when you turn over the engine ( a flashing light indicates normal pulsing voltage), if the light flashes when the engine is on, then the component is being fed by a trigger signal to open and close the solenoids to inject fuel. If not, then the injector might be gummed up and need cleaning.

This set contains:

  • 1x GM PFI
  • 1X Ford TBI
  • 1X GM TBI
  • 1X Bosch PFI
  • 1X GEO TBI
  • 1X GM SCPI
  • 1X Bosch-2
  • 1X Straight IAC Signal tester
  • 1x 90- IAC Signal tester

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