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Mechpro 15m PVC Air Hose - An additional 15 metres of reach for all of your air tools and accessories

This air hose from Mechpro offers an additional 15 metres of reach for any of your air tools thanks to its tough, reinforced PVC construction so you can operate up to 15 metres away from the compressor, perfect for hard mounted air compressors, large work spaces or when working on multiple cars. This air compressor hose comes with two 10mm internal diameter male threaded quick release brass fittings to hook up to all of your favourite air tools. This air line is rated to 300 PSI which is ample for most compressors and their attachments, accessories or tools which makes it ideal for use in any home garage or workshop set-up, as well as professional mechanics or shops.

An essential addition to any garage or workshop space is a quality air compressor. Whilst air tools are much more efficient and powerful than their battery powered counterparts, they lack the portability and flexibility of a cable-free power tool. To increase the usability of your air tools, this air hose adds an additional 15 metres of reach for any air-powered accessories you run from your compressor. It allows you to use air powered impact drivers on cars parked away from the compressor, use your spray gun to paint your latest project car without running out of reach from the air line or any other application you can think of. Air compressors are great, but without a good quality air hose extension, their uses are limited. To shop our whole range of compressors and air tools, browse the website today or head into your local Repco store and speak with one of our friendly staff today.

Item Type
Air Hose Reel

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