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Mechpro's DIY tools are exclusive to Repco. Mechpro offers good quality tools, backed by a 1 Year Nationwide Warranty.
Air Inlet: G 1/4"
Avg. Air Consumption: 113 - 170 L/min (4 - 6 CFM)
Cup Size: 200 ml
Fluid Orifice: 1.5mm
Max. Air Inlet Pressure: 3.44 Bar (50 psi)
Nozzle Pressure: 1.58 - 1.93 Bar (23 - 28 psi)

If you're serious about automotive painting, be it light touch-ups on your daily driver, painting a new fibreglass body kit for your drift car or even a full body-off nut and bolt resto on your classic muscle car, proper spray gun are the best way to go about it and one of the most useful air tools to have in your collection. Put the rattle cans back on the garage shelf and get yourself set up with a proper painting system. Air powered spray guns offer better, more consistent paint coverage without drips and the ability to select a whole range of paint types including colours, metal flake, glitter, clear coats and any mixture of the above to properly fine tune a paint to coat your car and set it apart from the crowd or perfectly match the existing paint and panel work. Paint guns are often easier to use than rattle cans and modulating the spray rate is made much easier. Different guns also offer different spray rates depending on whether you're doing some light touch-ups or full body painting. Since spray guns are re-fillable and run on an external compressed air source, they are fully reusable unlike spray cans.

To get set up with a quality spray gun to get your paintwork looking 100%, browse the website or head into your local Repco store and speak with one of our friendly staff.

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Spray Gun

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