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Axle Stands, Car Ramps & Jack Stands

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Mechpro Blue Car Ramps - Pair 1000kg - MPBPCR
Stanfred Jack Stands 2000kg - ASR2000-V2
Stanfred Jack Stands 3000kg - ASPT3000-V2
Mechpro Blue Low Profile Car Ramp Set - MPBLPR
Stanfred Jack Stands 3000kg - ASR3000-V2S
ProLift Foldable Wheel Chock - T8071
Tradequip 2000kg Jack Stands - 1128T
Aeroflow Low Profile Car Ramp Set - AF98-2109
Stanfred Low Profile Car Ramp Set 1400kg (Made in Australia) - CRTP1400
Stanfred Heavy Duty Car Ramp Set 1000kg (Made in Australia) - CRC4WD-V3
Stanfred Heavy Duty Car Ramp Set 2000kg (Made in Australia) - CRH2000
Stanfred Car Ramp Set 850kg (Made in Australia) - CRS850-V3
Stanfred Jack Stands 1200kg - ASP1200-V2
Tradequip 4000kg Jack Stands - 1148T
Stanfred Jack Stands 4000kg - ASCK4000-V2
Omega Jack Stands 3000kg - VSR3000AA
Stanfred Jack Stands 1800kg - ASCT1800-V2
Stanfred Jack Stands 1500kg - ASPT1500-V2
Stanfred Jack Stands 2000kg - ASP2000-V2
Gear Up Parking Mat - GUPM
Showing 1 - 20 of 33 products

Axle stands &, ramps- under vehicle work safety

Shop Axle Stands &, Ramps

Any home mechanic shouldn',t think twice about investing in a quality set of axle stands or wheel ramps when it comes time to kitting out your garage or workshop. At Repco we have some great brands including Omega, Stanfred, Trade Quip, Gear Up and Mechpro Blue

What does an Axle Stand or Ramp do?

While car jacks or bottle jacks will easily lift a vehicle, car ramps &, axle stands will make it safe and secure to work on. Repco',s range of quality heavy duty axle stands and car ramps let you carry out vehicle maintenance with ease.

Why do I need an Axle Stand or Ramp?

Even the most basic of car maintenance more often than not requires your vehicle to be elevated to allow for access to components. Whether that be sump or drain plug for an engine oil change, radiator coolant change or transmission fluid replacement through to accessing wheels and suspension for brake pad changes, having your vehicle off the ground is a necessity. A quality set of axle stands or wheel ramps are your best friend when raising your vehicle and carrying out repairs.

Car Ramps - Pros and Cons

Car ramps can be a cheaper alternative to an axle stand and jack though they limit what you can do. Anything that involves taking a wheel on and off is for an axle stand and jack. Most other jobs like fixing a leaky exhaust or pressure washing under the vehicle to put on extra sound deadening you can do with wheel ramps.

The biggest issue you face with a car ramp is driving the vehicle onto it. Care must be taken and it is best to do it slowly as the ramp can push out from under the vehicle as the cars weight is transferred onto it. Also don',t drive off the end of it otherwise vehicle damage will occur plus it is highly embarassing. It is a good idea to have a mate or friend stand in front of you to help guide you onto the car ramps. Not directly in front, off to the drivers side is preferable just in case.

Repco',s range of axle stands and wheel ramps come in a number of load capacities and are built to comply with all applicable standards for Australia and New Zealand and feature tough powder coated or baked enamel finishes to stand up to the rigours and demands of your load carrying requirements.

Having the right load rated jack to lift your vehicle is also the first step in making it secure to work on and when coupled with the correct axle stands positioned under the chassis or jacking points will create a sturdy and secure work environment. Once elevated, a creeper then allows for easy access and mobility under the vehicle.

Our Range of Axle Stands, Plastic Car Ramps and Heavy Duty Ramps

Shop online to see our range of axle stands, plastic car ramps, and heavy duty ramps and check their price and product availability to help make your purchasing decision. Browse our other categories in garage tools &, equipment to see what else you need. If unsure, it may pay to come in store to speak to one of the Repco team and they can assist with your purchase. With over 400 stores nationally we are bound to have a store location close to you. These products are a sound purchase not just for your workshop but for your own health and safety.

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