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Axle Stands & Ramps

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Stanfred Heavy Duty Car Ramp Set 1000kg (Made in Australia) - CRC4WD-V3
Stanfred Axle Stands 2000kg - ASR2000-V2
Stanfred Car Ramp Set 850kg (Made in Australia) - CRS850-V3
Stanfred Axle Stands 3000kg - ASR3000-V2
Stanfred Axle Stands 3000kg - ASPT3000-V2
Aeroflow Low Profile Car Ramp Set - AF98-2109
Stanfred Low Profile Car Ramp Set 1400kg (Made in Australia) - CRTP1400
Tradequip 2000kg Axle Stands - 1128T
Stanfred Axle Stands 1200kg - ASP1200-V2
Stanfred Heavy Duty Car Ramp Set 2000kg (Made in Australia) - CRH2000
ProLift Foldable Wheel Chock - T8071
Stanfred Axle Stands 4000kg - ASCK4000-V2
Omega 3000kg Axle Stands - VSR3000AA
Tradequip 4000kg Axle Stands - 1148T
Stanfred Axle Stands 1500kg - ASPT1500-V2
Stanfred Axle Stands 2000kg - ASP2000-V2
Stanfred Axle Stands 1800kg - ASCT1800-V2
Tradequip 8000kg Axle Stands - 1162T
Omega 5000kg Axle Stands - VSR5000AA
Showing 1 - 19 of 19 products

Axle stands and ramps - Safe and secure for you and your vehicle

Any home mechanic shouldn't think twice about investing in a quality set of axle stands or wheel ramps when it comes time to kitting out your garage or workshop. Not only will you use this equipment many times and for years to come but you will also have the peace of mind knowing that once properly placed under your vehicle it will be safe and secure to work on.

Repco's range of axle stands and wheel ramps come in a number of load capacities and are built to comply with all applicable Australian and New Zealand standards and feature tough powder coated or baked enamel finishes to stand up to the rigours and demands of your load carrying requirements. Having the right load rated jack to lift your vehicle is the first step in making it secure to work on and when coupled with the correct axle stands positioned under the chassis or jacking points will create a sturdy and secure work environment that will allow you to focus on task at hand.

Shop with confidence at Repco knowing that your new pair of axle stands or wheel ramps will be a sound purchase not just for your workshop but for your health and safety. Any way you look at it, Repco has the range and advice when making your next axle stand or ramp purchase with our full range available online or at a Repco store near you.