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Product Description

Alemlube tools are a popular seller and are a great and highly practical addition to your home workshop or garage. Alemlube have now produced an AdBlue Magnetic Tank Spout Adaptor that is built tough, ensuring that it will be more than capable for the vast majority of automotive requirements. The Alemlube 619032-MTA Magnetic Tank Spout Adaptor is designed to prevent miss-filling AdBlue into a diesel fuel tank. This universal ISO certified magnetic filler neck collar fits into any vehicle's AdBlue fill point, so that when used in conjunction with an automatic magnetic spout nozzle, it will prevent your AdBlue nozzle from being able to dispense into anything other than an AdBlue tank. AdBlue is commonly mistaken as a fuel additive, when it should not be mixed with diesel at all and is dispensed into a completely different tank. The 19mm ID of the magnetic adaptor prevents larger diesel nozzle spouts from fitting into the fill point therefore avoiding the miss-filling of diesel fuel into an AdBlue tank. The miss-filling of AdBlue is a common problem and considering that AdBlue is not compatible with the pipework and components of a fuel system, measures taken to correct the problem result in eliminating unnecessary costs and an inefficient allocation of time and resources. To meet ISO standards, most new AdBlue using vehicles and plant machinery already have a magnetic collar inserted into the AdBlue fill point at manufacturing stage. However, if you think your vehicles or machinery do not have a magnetic collar fitted, then retrofitting the Alemlube 619032-MTA Magnetic Tank Spout Adaptor is the answer to provide you with safe and secure AdBlue filling practices into the future.
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